The Humanity Book will be launched soon!

Everyone will have their own page!


Let's call her -® !

...for storage from 4,000,000 years and more®

From 9.00 USD in The Golden Billion

and from 9 Billion USD in The Golden Ten

3.00 USD Fixed Price after 1B

We will create a Micro-page for each who will wants to himself

1,000,000 bit for 4,000,000 years for 21.00 USD!


And we will create a Macro-page Storage

as digital part of humans analog-digital Master-code® with Maximum uploads in 30 files a month


Without the possibility of something or ever remove/delete

We will keep the story as it was!!!



Why choosing our services

Can be read the important Book!

The Many-timers Manifesto! Perhaps the most important book in the life of every modern person! Work on it was carried out in parallel to the development and lasted 25 years!

Can be Open Eternal Micro-Page! Nanotechnology! Copy on the AISI 321 Foil!

Micro-Page! It is created for the eternal storage of basic information about the once born! It is necessary to create a Micro-page in the Book of Humanity - to store the main digital part of Your full Master-Code® To search for you - by your future New Parents!

Can be Save Your full Master-code®

Independent collection of natural keratin fibers - 3/5 years. Collector, Cartridges. Sarcophagi. Storage. The Fundamental Salvation System for Humans, FSSH (2007-2019)


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Save Your Full Master-code®!