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We are not interested in your doggies-kitties as and in your smiling friends near yours or their cars, brilliants or planes! Moreover, we are absolutely indifferent to the brands of clothes and accessoires that you bought for yourself or some people gave to you! We are very sorry! We managed to look on the 200 and even 300 years ahead (an approximate term for the mass appearance of a Many-times people) and it turned out that the future is not at all interested in everything that millions of One-time people are proud of today! This Book of Humanity is about People and their great and simplest Stories! You know the Truth?! You have a Secret?! Do you know something what you can't tell to anyone right now? Now all this can be left in History and only for $0.01US (one cent) for 1-10 A4 * .txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf/.rtfd, .PDF, .EPUB file! Forever! And sooner or later people will find out about it!! And also we're interested in You! And only in YOU! Personally in "You"! Don't forget, apart from daily records about your life, sometimes write and "letters to yourself" to read them yourself, but already in your next life!! Save Your full analog-digital Master-code® by our Replone technologies or by any others - fo re-birth in the future from the begining! For 25 years we have invented everything that will soon become the norm for every intelligent person! And his Parents! You are Welcome! As minimum on 50 000 years!

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* Financial-friendly Self-Saving-Safes Eco-Platform: only with their own income - without the investors - without the participation of the Banks and any other financiers - without collecting other people's money - only endless self-financing by the platform's customers from generation to generation and perhaps from life to life of each - may be IPO after 10M customers only for the construction of storage facilities (guarded by military units) in permafrost and in the largest cities in the world - including in order to protect cities - our project will stop the big wars because no one General or soldier will never bomb repository of hundreds millions of people !!!

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This is interesting: *.txt utf-8 0.234Mb = 100 A4 pages or 200,000 characters/spaces. But! Compression (f.e. ZIP) can reduce the file by 235 times and 100 pages of A4 text will take up not 0.234 Mb but only 0.001 Mb. This means that people must keep diaries, records, observations, descriptions of everything - endlessly. (There is a section on the Site explaining why every word, every thought and observation, every diary and memoirs are incredibly important for the modern and for the future humanity (your personal eternal timestamps / priorities on ideas and projects / historical facts from different angles)). Thus, we can guarantee you the eternal storage of a free profile and all your text History (200,000 A4 pages in *.txt) at a price of one US dollar. You decide whether your story needs illustrations. But, each will cost the same - one US dollar. Billions of people will endlessly save something about themselves and their ideas and stories, and platform funding will never stop. The last thing that the last civilized person will do is to save his record of this on his personal page in the Book of Humanity. And it will not be on this planet and not next to a star named the Sun! (read an essay).

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Most of the consultants-scientists and futurologists-partners in this project say: Only 3% of our transition generation from one-time life to the Many-times Life - will be live again and again, and 97% of us will disappear forever. For thousands of reasons. Sometimes tragic, sometimes random or stupid... But all the next generations of people will save almost 100% their full Master codes. "Almost" because of the fact that Personal Pages in the Book of Humanity, RAM (from our "LifesRAM" = 1/3 full Master-code) and PTFE/PET NKF Collectors and any AISI Sarcophagus with the codes of criminals, thieves and plagiarists - the Humanity by courts decisions and lawsuits by civil institutions, committees, groups or individuals - will not be retain for other generations (for criminals sentenced to death in court), or they will have from Humanity a ban on re-exercising their Master-code if the punishment is not maximum, but still will. Thus, will be creating completely new forms of achievement of the inevitability of punishment and perfect justice! The "Book of Humanity" offered to you now - will become the main element of this future of great justice (in the very near future)!

Support our common great book of humanity - write to the Book every hour, every week or once in a life! All your personal truth! About everything and about everyone!

AND PLEASE START TO COLLECT AND SAVE YOUR FULL ANALOG-DIGITAL MASTER-CODE (help to your parents and family do the same)! ON OUR REPLONE TECHOLOGY OR ON ANY OTHERS TECHNOLOGIES!!! FOREVER - FOR POSSIBLE BIRTH IN THE FUTURE! All just starting! Right now and here! With your mind and hands, with your personal iron will, with a small part of your personal money! From life to life!