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Constant exchanging of any work email for the current portal Pre-password is necessary for security - it is not necessary to use your personal email - you can use any email, including our temporary HB:TMail >>> specially designed by us for you. For your safety! We guarantee you that we will never give your e-mail address to anyone and that we will not write you any advertising letters. We don't need to - because we have no competitors and we have created our own New Industry. Would you like to participate? Join us! Don't want to? It's Sadly, but it's Your Right and Your Choose! TOEVERFOREVER!©
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An important and interesting (introduced for the first time in the world) business feature of the project:

The laws of the BOOK OF HUMANITY have been written for 25 years by one family (first Founders and Owners) and by the rules will serve the portal forever and unchanged - will be published on the sites 7YES.ORG and 7NO.ORG.

One of them sounds like this: "83% of all income (after tax) generated worldwide from MICROPAYMENTS and PAGES SELLING - will be accumulated in the accounts of the BOOK OF HUMANITY for the purpose of its collegial expenditure ONLY for the preservation of the FULL MASTER CODES OF PEOPLE! The remaining 17% will be distributed in perpetuity as: 10% for all advertising and 7% to pay for the activities of the offices and their directorates. In the event that, against our will, an IPO of the BOOK OF HUMANITY ever happens, the dividend payments from the 83% money supply can never exceed 51% of it."

In short, that means that out of every one dollar micropayment you make (after tax), 83% will be spent on you and your parents!


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Meet the Basics of the Portal's New Practical Philosophy
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Please study the portal materials and help other people to get acquainted with this long-awaited project!
The more people learn about it - the more people of the transitional generation will have time to use it -
because the people of all succeeding human generations will know it from birth and use it throughout the ages!

This project is based on micro- and nano-payments from one generation to the next - with a complete rejection of business advertising. It is designed to permanently and eternal store 99 billion (v.1.0) individual personal pages of residents 196(194) countries of the world, as well as accounting for the collection and preservation at home in the family of natural and partially digital samples of the complete genome (Genome RT) of the owner of the page as well as for accounting of genome storage by any other technologies (Genome AOT).. The countries in which we operate are linked to PayPal - please familiarize yourself with them. |   24 HB:Currencies |   Donation
●●●●●●● At the speed of these stars, 8 billion people will fly by in 50 years ... that said - 110 billion people have already flown away from us ... don't get on that list... don't let him count your Parents! BE THE FIRST FOREVER!

Interesting, Important,
Infinitely Responsible!
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Human life is always like a roulette wheel, where it doesn't matter what number comes up, who the croupier is, where the table is located - the only thing that matters is whether you win or lose. And there is no choice here - to play, or not to play ..... Because only suicides dare not to bet in it..... THE BOOK OF HUMANITY IS THE NEW ROULETTE (with millions and billions of numbers in a circle) THAT ALL GENERATIONS OF PEOPLE WILL PLAY. TO PLAY AND WIN - with Victory - every time, with a new life in a new era with memories of old lives only in the BOOK OF HUMANITY! TO PLAY AND LOSE - in anticipation of guaranteed once-in-50,000-years Victory (HB:Program "Your guaranteed to you by humanity one life in 50,000 years".) Because not to play - that is not to keep their full MASTER CODE will be in the future only criminals sentenced by the courts to the highest penalty - the destruction of their personal Master Code from the Universe - forever...

(no advertising - only who will be lucky enough to hear from the staff - the world's first eternal tokens that can be bought today and sold in a year or 50000 years - because nothing will be preserved for 50000 years - only the BOOK OF HUMANITY (through the efforts of all mankind as its main asset) - its pages and these utilitarian blockchain tokens, and, of course, your Master Code, if you save it using REPLONE technology (or any other science-based technology of collecting and especially long-term storage.)
$HBTGP The Golden Billion PLUS - $0.0003US.$HBTGB The Golden Billion - $0.30US.$HBTGM The Golden Million - $3,000.00US
We haven't invested a dime in pre-sale advertising. Let these Tokens go to all generations at their market price. Even the founder didn't buy them, just to avoid being a trillionaire tomorrow who will be accused of behaving immorally.... The pre-sale will end on December 1, 2023 and they will quietly go on sale at the fair, but at 1000 and 10000 times the price - becoming an investment asset for those who want to pass on vast fortunes from generation to generation.

The main purpose of the HUMANITYBOOK.COM© portal is to enable users:

1. To familiarize themselves with REPLONE technologies.
2. To collect and store, according to the regulations of these technologies, the natural samples of the USER GENOME (GENOME RT).
3. To create and maintain of information accompanying the stored genome, including that stored by any other technology (GENOME AOT).
For these purposes the portal offers a system of registration, purchase of personal pages in HUMANITYBOOK.COM©, purchase and receipt of documentation and other materials necessary for users to actively interact with the portal - for this purpose the Portal promotes new concepts, terms, new scientific and philosophical elements, the results of 25 years of experiments on collection and preservation technologies, as well as provides its users with automatic receipt and possibility of using special codes and secret keys for engraving on the NKF collectors themselves, which are scientifically based carriers (in accordance with the regulatory documents) of natural samples of the complete genome for up to 50,000 years. (2007, International Group of Scientists, Princeton University, USA).
In the portal software the emphasis is on helping users to collect their NKF collectors named GENOME RT | GENOME AOT.

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